Why choose Carbon Zorro?

Here are some good reasons!

  • we are a global dealer with well established position on the international market;
  • we are in the trade for years - experience is on our side; we've been there, we've done that!;
  • we are expanding - we currently run two branches, in the UK for retail sales (www.lpgshop.co.uk) and in Poland for wholesale (www.carbonzorro.com);
  • we work with suppliers & manufacturers from all over the world;
  • we have very skilled & experienced technical & sales staff on board;
  • we pride ourselves at the highest Trustpilot score!
  • we are always focused on the Customer's needs;
  • we only supply quality parts;
  • last but definitely not least, we have a genuine passion for what we do, and it drives us on our mission to fight the environmental challenges!

As Carbon Zorro is focused on trade sales, our prices are the most competitive on the market, even in comparison to our flagship,LPGShop.co.uk - we offer the best rates for bulk orders and the usual delivery time does not exceed a few business days.