AC STAG W01 4Cylinders LPG, CNG Injectors Rail
  • AC STAG W01 4Cylinders LPG, CNG Injectors Rail
AC Stag

AC STAG W01 4Cylinders LPG, CNG Injectors Rail

AC Stag

Key Features:
  • Stable operation
  • Extended durability
  • Unique technical solutions
  • Service-free operation (no adjustments required)
  • Resistant to low temperatures
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Product Description

AC injector rails are designed for autogas sequential injection systems in cars with internal combustion engines. They ensure the precise dosages of vaporized gas to the engine inlet and each cylinder.
The high durability of all the AC rails off has been confirmed in long-distance road tests for various makes of cars and various road and weather conditions.


Technical data:


Rated operating pressure [bar] 0,95 ÷ 1,2
Max. operating pressure [bar] 4,5
Working temperature [°C] -20 to +120
Injector opening time [ms] ~2,1
Injector closing time [ms] ~1,5
Performance range [kW/cylinder] 11 ÷ 29
Weigh [kg] 0,48
Max. flow [l/min] 90 at p = 1[bar]




The advanced materials used for the construction of AC injector rails provide higher durability and a faster response.


  • Stable operation.
  • Extended durability.
  • Unique technical solutions.
  • Service-free operation (no adjustments required).
  • Resistant to low temperatures.
  • 24-month warranty without mileage limit.


Additionally, the AC rails are provided with 2Ω coils to avoid the overloading of control systems. The coils have been equipped with IP67 rated connections.
The main component is a body made of anodized aluminum. The connections are made of brass and sealing is based on rubber compounds compatible with other elements. All materials comply with the strict requirements of Regulations 67 and 110.


AC W01 – designed for most engines available on the market.



Technical Details