AC STAG R01 250HP Reducer with Preheater (8mm)
  • AC STAG R01 250HP Reducer with Preheater (8mm)
  • AC STAG R01 250HP Reducer with Preheater (8mm)
AC Stag

AC STAG R01 250HP Reducer with Preheater (8mm)

AC Stag

Key Features:
  • stable pressure
  • works excellently with turbocharged engines
  • tested in all conditions
  • increased durability
  • small size to allow easier installation in tight engine sections
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Product Description

AC STAG R01 CS 250HP RED (186kW) Reducer (Vaporizer) with Preheater and 8mm Electrovalve for Turbocharged Engines


STAG R01 CS is used to preheat LPG reducers. The unit controlling preheater operation analyzes the temperature of the reducer every time the ignition is switched on. The heating element coverts electric current into heat used to vaporize the gas.

STAG R01 CS is a microprocessor-controlled electrical unit designed for preheating R01 reducers manufactured by AC S.A. The purpose of the electrical preheating of the reducer block is to enable switching to LPG earlier. The solution has been designed for engines with 4 up to 8 cylinders.

STAG R01 CS is suitable for LPG fueling systems based on a single or double reducer configuration.

Technical data:
Current consumption: intelligent control up to 60A with an operating engine
Operating temperature: - 40°C ÷ 105°C

Example of petrol consumption [liters per 1000 km] for a vehicle equipped

with a 1.4 l engine in a combined cycle and LPG system of the 4th generation.

   with preheater no preheater
summer 2,45 4,85
winter 5,32 10,5







•    ensures switching to gas earlier,
•    optimized management of the heating element by the control unit,
•    ensures the correct operating temperature of the reducer even at step changes in unit load,
•    minimizes energy consumption to protect the electrical system of the vehicle,
•    the controller monitors the correct rise in  temperature of the reducer to the required level, and prevents the reducer from cooling when needed,
•    an installed STAG R01 CS does not require configuration – automatic adjustments to the engine,
•    ensures optimum operating conditions of the autogas system and safety of use.

Technical Details