Cover Image - 1 Litre Flashlube Valve Saver Fluid - 12 pieces box
  • Cover Image - 1 Litre Flashlube Valve Saver Fluid - 12 pieces box

1 Litre Flashlube Valve Saver Fluid - 12 pieces box


Key Features:
  • Protects valves & valve seats
  • Reduces harmful emissions
  • Increases engine life
  • Economical - 50ml treats 50 litres of fuel
  • Increases fuel economy (by up to 5.3%)
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Product Description

12 pieces of 1 litre bottles pack (12 litres in total) of Flashlube Valve Saver Fluid which is the first lubricant on the market developed to protect valves and valve seats in LPG, CNG, autogas, propane converted cars where fuel burning temperature is slightly higher in compare to petrol - so some cars with weaker valves and seats needs that protection. Flashlube Valve Saver Fluid gives best protection as its formula hes been developed for years.

Flashlube Valve Saver Fluid is an Upper cylinder lubricant and cleaner formulated to minimise Valve Seat Recession (VSR) in LPG & CNG Vehicles.

This proven formula also contains a combination of additives that cleans fuel injectors & fuel systems, increases fuel economy and reduces emissions.

Flashlube Valve Saver Fluid has been developed as a direct partner for LPG/CNG converted engines providing protection against Valve Seat Recession (VSR)

LPG, CNG, Why the Need for Lubrication?

Not all engines are designed with LPG/CNG as the preferred fuel.

LPG/CNG are dry burning fuels that combust at a higher temperature than petrol.

These extreme temperatures can cause Valve Seat Recession (VSR) leading to valve burning, lack of performance, loss of compression and premature engine failure.

How the Flashlube works

Flashlube Valve Saver Fluid forms a protective coating; the effect of separating the two metals by a film of lubricant prevents metal-to-metal contact, stopping Valve Seat Recession.

Flashlube Valve Saver Fluid also contains a unique combination of additives to give a more complete burn in the combustion chamber reducing emissions and fuel consumption, and improving power.

The formulation contains concentrated cleaning agents to allow deposits to blend with the gases burned in the combustion chamber, maintaining combustion efficiency.

Flashlube’s unique formula will not harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors.


  • Protects valves & valve seats.
  • Reduces harmful emissions.
  • Lubricates upper cylinder area.
  • Safe to use in all late model vehicles (will not harm catalytic converters or oxygen     sensors).
  • Ideal for 2 & 4 stroke engines (use with fuel/oil mixture).
  • Economical - 50ml treats 50 litres of fuel
  • Increases engine life.
  • Cleans injectors & fuel systems
  • Increases fuel economy (by up to 5.3%).

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